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Summer Language School 2024

All students are welcome to apply

Age range:  13-17 years old

Course dates for 2024 will be released towards the end of the year!


Our successful SLS course is designed for students from Class 7 to Class 12. Students from all school backgrounds are welcome, but, be prepared to join in all the activities, including singing and learning verses as well as enjoying our beautiful outdoors.



English Lessons

Don't just learn English – live it !


English classes are held every morning in small classes, to ensure that individual help can be given. The lessons promote growth in vocabulary, fluency, confidence and are fun, providing students with the tools required to successfully navigate everyday matters! All lessons are designed to be interesting and engaging and mostly focus on speaking and listening. There will be opportunities for students to improve on grammar, learn new vocabulary and acquire communication abilities with people from different cultures. Our teachers are qualified native English speakers and have many years' experience.


The first lesson in the morning is more formal with some written work and grammar but the emphasis will still be on speaking English. The second lesson is more practical and creative. During those lessons English is taught through language games, writing stories and drama verses, singing songs, researching typical Irish recipes for our ‘Irish Group Cooking’, creating the course magazine and more. At break times, basketball, volleyball, football, table-tennis and table football are available.

On the first morning there will be a placement assessment to decide on classes. At the end of the course, students will receive an attendance certificate and a short report with linguistic advice from their main teacher.  


You want to know how former SLS students think about the English lessons? Click here or read on.


Activity Programme


We will be following a SLS theme, which will be released towards the end of the year. Our UK theme for 2023 is Mary Poppins and our recipe for this year’s SLS is one cup of intellectual input, some practice, a bit of fun (and some more fun), imagination – according to feel, one cup of creativity and action, a pinch of openness, a slight change of perspective and a spoon full of sugar – stirred fluffy in a shiny bowl of youthful excitement: the perfect mix!


It’s the perfect mix of fun and practice, and you meet a lot of very nice people. (Clara, Germany, SLS 2019)


Our 2024 course will be packed with a variety of activities, excursions, sports, arts and crafts. Students can enjoy a programme designed to help them practice their English, gain confidence in managing everyday challenges in the foreign language, make new friends and have fun! Don't just learn English - live it ! We want to enable our young learners of English to step out of school routine and immerse themselves in the reality of the spoken language.​


Don't just learn English – live it !

2-week course in 2024

The following layout is to get a taste on what our SLS 2024 in co. Cork in Ireland will look like. 

“There’s a different point of view awaiting you, if you just look up.”

Jack – Mary Poppins Returns


Each challenge also offers a teachable moment. If you find yourself faced with a challenging situation, figure out what you can learn from it. See challenges as platforms for growth.  When you change your point of view, your experiences will change with it.  


Students will live and learn throughout our programme. The 2-week course offers many educational, creative, sportive and team building activities and participants will learn English on their way towards independence alongside P.L. Travers famous Mary Poppins stories. Literature is a great key when learning a language and immersing oneself into a foreign world and culture. It will certainly have a positive effect on broadening the students’ vocabulary. Following our SLS theme, Mary Poppins, the programme offers active and creative drama sessions during which students will work in up to three different groups, able to decide whether they would like to act, craft fancy costumes or create the play’s stage or make music. There will be drama sessions each week, theatrically interpreting the SLS theme and working towards a presentation for the day of the Final Closing Ceremony in the end of the 2-week-course. Many great trips and sportive as well as creative activities will help students to improve their English language skills, get to know the Irish culture and the international group.


Following Mary Poppins’ footsteps and the adventures of her stories, the students will join an Art Workshop focused on Sidewalk drawing. Throughout the workshop, they will be creating exciting Street-Art that one wishes to become part of simply by jumping into the image. In small activity groups the students will be working on a Mary Poppins handbag with unlimited abilities throughout a Craft Workshop.

Inspired by our SLS theme 'Mary Poppins' the students will be planning and performing a theatrical play–choosing to either make music, work on the stage set up and props, create costumes or to actually take on a role.

Drama Workshop SLS 2019.

Cosy campfire during the SLS Camp 2017.

One of the highlights of the Summer Language School is our off-site camp adventure during the first course weekend. All students will be camping in our roomy canvas bell tents in a pop-up camp set up right by the stunning Irish coast. Boys and girls will be allocated to separate tents and a team of experienced adults will be supervising the international group at all times. During the camp weekend, the group will enjoy optional Slack Lining­ and Kite-Making activities, a group BBQ and cosy camp fires. Students will be able to explore the magical surroundings during a hike through the nearby Killarney National Park, which is historical habitat and an ideal place to immerse oneself into the beauty of Irish nature. We will further explore the Irish sea shores during an exciting and fun kayaking activity. The camp evenings will be spent around campfires, singing songs and making music. The camp weekend is a great opportunity to live the foreign language and to spend time with international friends - the students simply love it!

Ireland is full of culture and traditions which have been around for hundreds of years. Our active course programme will not only help students to improve their language skills, but also increase their understanding of the Irish culture and traditions. Students will discover Irish traditional foods during our Irish Group Cooking session and visit charming Irish finishing villages as well as cultural metropoles.

During the 2-week course, the students will enjoy walks in local places of natural beauty, including Killarney Park, Glengarriff Nature Reserve and the South West Irish coast. We will visit Bantry, a characteristic and charming Irish fishing village, spend an afternoon in the cultural city Cork and explore stunning beaches such as Barley Cove along the beautiful South West coastline. The programme further offers creative crafting and art activities as well as exciting sport challenges such as Outdoor Rock Climbing, Archery, High Ropes and Zip Lining. The students will experience a beach barbeque and cook pizzas together as part of their adventure.

Cork city is one of the most culturally vibrant cities in Ireland. During the trip, some hours will be free for individual activities in small groups of friends. Students will be able to visit ​attractions, maybe one of the many museums, walk alongside the river front, go shopping or just enjoy the flair of the city.

Most evenings will be spent with the host family to experience daily Irish family life and practice the spoken word. Some evenings, students will meet up for an evening activity such as our outdoor movie night or a night walk and storytelling evening around a cosy campfire!

We will visit the magical Killarney National Park for a hike.

More information on our Irish course timetable will be released !


(Please be aware that the programme is provisional and that there might be changes to course arrangements)

Crazy Games with our school’s sports teacher.

Slack Lining during the SLS camp 2023.

Evening Canoeing and BBQ.

“We are all made of the same stuff, remember, we of the Jungle, you of the City. The same substance composes us—the tree overhead, the stone beneath us, the bird, the beast, the star—we are all one, all moving to the same end. Remember that when you no longer remember me, my child.”

― P.L. Travers, Mary Poppins

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