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Summer Language School 2023

Our Summer Language School programme is still open for applications. Experience an unforgettable summer adventure. 

Summer Language School  - The ultimate video Join us in 2023 and experience great adventures, fun and growth !

​Join us on your way towards independence. 

Anyone aged 13-17 can apply, whether you go to a Waldorf school or not!

Our Summer Language School 2023 (for Classes 7-12) features a 3-week English language and activity course, designed to help students ‘live the language they learn’. A weekend camp, great trips to metropoles, nature hikes and drama classes are some of the highlights you will experience during our SLS 2023.

Our long established Summer Language School is designed for students from around the world who want to improve their English and have fun at the same time. Here you can learn English and live it! ​

Apply now, join our exciting 3-week programme and develop your English language skills, build confidence, join great trips and activities, make international friends and have fun!​    ​

You will :

Improve your English and live the English culture.

Enjoy an exciting activity programme (see timetable).

Be part of an international group and make friends for a lifetime.

Experience English life in a host family.

Live what you have learned through mastering everyday challenges and joining great trips and activities!

Over the last few years we have had students here from Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Russia and the Ukraine.

Our courses are designed to be educational and fun. They combine morning classes with a programme of varied activities in the afternoons, some evenings and parts of the weekend. During our course the evenings, when there are no activities, are spent with the host family or together around a cosy campfire during our camp weekend.


93%  of our students would recommend the Summer Language School to friends and fellow students. This is what they would say:

If you wish to receive further information on our Summer Language School or if you wish stay informed about future Summer Language Schools contact us on the email address below.